"La Lowerdrive est indéboulonnable, le rapport qualité/prix est hallucinant. Je referai ce choix les yeux fermés" moixjj

"utilisée seule, gain et master à fond, c'est juste l'arme ultime!" Arbre, Payday.

"simple, efficace et haut de gamme" Tartine 34

"dynamique impeccable, son analogique bien gras, pour le rock en général" Antoine ÖfÖ Am

"un seul son: LE son basse rock, mais à la perfection!" Philippe Café Flesh


Robert Drive

300 Euros TTC (Frais de livraison offert)

(OVERDRIVE - previously called Lowerdrive, for guitar & bass, NO LOSS IN THE BASS FREQUENCIES !)


Did you say 70's?

Dynamic, built to respect the sound and the touch of the guitarists and the bass players.

The saturation range comes from the a lighty crunch to a big and hairy overdrive!

From Blues to Hardcore, it'll follow you everywhere!









José Phuzz

300 Euros TTC (Frais de livraison offert)

(fuzz for guitar & bass, NO LOSS IN THE BASS FREQUENCIES !)


A 70's type fuzz,  with a dirty grain, adjustable, thanks to the "texture" pot, a buzzing product, but always accurate.

As its cousins, the attack is at the rendez-vous.

From an almost bright sound  to a well greasy fuzz, but never muddy.

Rusty finish. 

Don't talk about it, play it!







300 Euros TTC (Frais de livraison offert)

(Distorsion for guitar & bass, NO LOSS IN THE BASS FREQUENCIES !)


A distorsion, a real one, simply.

Newborn from the Mazzette workshop, and based on it's elder, the Lowerdrive.

The testikular gives a generous distorsion, never slobbery, and as precise as its older sister.








Complementary information

All our pedals are built for guitar AND bass.

None of our models loses any punch in the low spectrum!


They use Mazzette Stomboxes:


Rich Mullin - Karma To Burn (US) Phuzz

Parker Griggs - Radio Moscow (US) Robert Drive

Daniel Davies - CKY (US) Robert Drive

Verdun - Testikular, Robert Drive & Phuzz

Frédéric D. Oberland - Farewell PoetryLe Réveil des TropiquesOiseau-Tempête - Phuzz

ÖfÖ AM - Robert Drive & Phuzz

Baise Ball - Robert Drive & Testikular

Do You Compute - Robert Drive

Café Flesh - Robert Drive

Superbeatnik - Robert Drive & Phuzz

Payday - Robert Drive & Phuzz

Goodbye Diana - Robert Drive

Les Arondes - Robert Drive

Lahius - Robert Drive

Servo - Robert Drive

Captain Stark - Robert Drive

Junkyard Birds -Robert Drive

It's All good in the Woods - Robert Drive

Dirty Fonzy - Robert Drive

Studio Lakanal - Robert Drive

Doctor Livingstone - Robert Drive

Chozpareï - Robert Drive

Les Anges


Abrahma - Robert Drive